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CDS Consulting (“CDS”) is a privately-held software company based in New York. We have been providing software and services relating to the Bloomberg Trading System since 1994, and are one of the leading third-party providers of such software and services for both the sell-side and buy-side.

CDS possesses an unmatched depth of knowledge of Bloomberg's communication's protocols as well as their data model and feed methodology. CDS has delivered results on more than 50 previous Bloomberg-related software installations and/or consulting projects. We maintain an excellent relationship with Bloomberg, ensuring access to and coordination with key Bloomberg personnel during the project.

What makes CDS unique is our thorough understanding of the content of Bloomberg's data feeds, not just the data communication protocols. This knowledge can only be gained from years of experience working with Bloomberg data at numerous client sites. CDS can not only move your trade data but also convert and reformat for transfer between Bloomberg and other in-house or third party systems.

We are proud to offer the following Bloomberg communications products:

Introduced in 1996, BBLink is a turn-key, fault-tolerant TCP/IP-based middleware that enables broker/dealers and investment firms to transport trade and market data to and from the Bloomberg trading system, using Bloomberg's proprietary communication protocol. BBLink is a third-party alternative to Bloomberg's "Gateway" system. 
Retail Feed
For Bloomberg broker/dealer clients who wish to upload trades generated on other systems, our Retail Feed Server (RFS) handles the communications with Bloomberg.
Contribution Feed
For Bloomberg broker/dealer clients who wish to use Bloomberg's Contribution Feed to upload prices and other trading system data to their Bloomberg database.
Multiproduct Feed
For Bloomberg broker/dealer clients who wish to use Bloomberg's Multi-Product Feed to upload and display firm offerings so that they can be displayed throughout the world on Bloomberg's network.


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