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BBLink, introduced in 1996, is a communications middleware that enables investment firms who use Bloomberg’s Portfolio Trading System to transport trade and market data to and from Bloomberg. 

BBLink is a third-party alternative to Bloomberg’s “Gateway” system.

BBLink is fully compliant with Bloomberg’s “Trading System Data Feed Specification,” handling the low-level communications protocol and validity checking so that you can focus on your data.

Supported under Windows NT and several UNIX platforms, BBLink converts Bloomberg’s trading system TCP/IP data feeds into usable files at the client site, and optionally inserts the data into a relational database for easy access and manipulation. BBLink supports all the on-line and batch standard data feeds offered by Bloomberg – trade, position, price, master security and account master – and can be easily customized to handle custom analytic feeds.

BBLink is simply the most fault-tolerant Bloomberg feed handler available. Its unique master/slave design ensures a consistent and reliable sequence of data being received at the client site.


Key Benefits

  • Turn-key system; no development costs for you.
  • We know how to work with Bloomberg to accomplish a quick installation.
  • BBLink is extremely reliable and fault tolerant.




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